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maandag 24 april 2017

Royal Greenhouses

It's been a while since I made a blogpost about a meeting with the Belgian Community. But today that's going to change and this makes me really happy.
The Belgian Community is rather small and pretty much non existing both online and offline which makes me a bit sad. Because it would be so nice to have more regular meetings with people that share the same fashion intrest in your own country.

To make a change in this declining trend I organised a meeting to visit the Royal Greenhouses of Belgium. It was thanks to a fellow lolita member that pointed us into this direction and Im so glad she did. The greenhouses are open for public every year for two weeks so it was a short notice for the meeting.

Our group was rather small but big enough to enjoy the scenery of the greenhouses together without feeling overwhelmed by new faces or not being able to talk to all of them. I think it will bring the community a little bit closer over time if we have more meetings like this in the future.
It was nice to see that we could welcome two new faces to our group, one girl was from America but is studying in Belgium and the other girl was still waiting for her first coord to arrive but this didn't stop her from attending this meet.

vrijdag 21 april 2017

What I would like to see for the future of Lolita Fashion

With the shocking news about Kera and GLB stopping with the production of their magazines. People think Harajuku fashion is dying. But I don't think it will ever come to this point.
The fashion is evolving and is spreading across the world with more people joining the communities everyday. 

Though what the future of Lolita fashion will be is going to be a big mystery but we can always dream about it. 

For the future of Lolita fashion I would like to see the comeback of the free spirits. Not in a hippy way but more in the way where people can express themselves without the fear of being not good enough. A lot of the people I speak have a general fear when it comes to attending meetings or events about their coords. Thoughts like "Am I dressed good enough for this event?" "I'm going to be so underdressed" "What will they think of my coord" etc. I feel like this is becoming a big play factor for events. Not that it is a bad thing, it surely brings the best of everyones abilities to coord into the world. But for new ladies and men that just started out feel a certain pressure to get started. 

Other than a change in mindset and the pressure we put on ourselves and the ones on the secret sites bashing on everyones coord I would like to see more lower waistlines. These days I feel like the waistlines of dresses are getting higher and higher. I guess it is the trend now of wearing high waisted or empire waist dresses, but girl ain't nobody looks good in that. Maybe people with small breasts or a small ribcage can rock these dresses but a lot of the western population doesn't fit in this category including me. 

I don't think I would like to change the fashion to much over time cause I really like the way it is going right now. Maybe slowing down the releasing of new prints, Angelic Pretty is pretty good at releasing prints around the clock! As well as the Taobao market brings up new releases almost everyday. I have the feeling that lolita fashion is becoming some sort of fast fashion, especially with the indie brands on Taobao. Not so much with the Japanese brands but still, do people still look for old pieces or dream dresses? I know for sure that I prefer older pieces over the new releases most of the time. 

Lolita fashion will change over time but because of the huge following here in the west I don't think it will change drastically. We still follow the rules about the general shape, not to much skin showing and a proper way of dressing. These rules will guide us through every evolution of this fashion and our love for frilly dresses will never change for most of us I think. 

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maandag 10 april 2017

OT-Tulips, a dutch OTT party in Amsterdam

Yesterday was the day that I went to Amsterdam for a small high tea event at the "tassenmuseum" which is a handbag museum. Together with my friend Lise and my husband we drove to Amsterdam.
On our way we had lots of talks about the difference in communities since it would be Lise's first meet in The Netherlands except for Under The Sea last year. As well as some general lolita talk hihi.

It was so nice to talk about our thoughts and ideas of what people would be wearing and our expectations of the museum as well. Since we both thought at first it was a mug museum since a "tas" in Belgium means a mug instead of a handbag.. Cultural and language difference on point this day!

We arrived a little bit to late because of the traffic as well because of the fact that we can't leave the house
on time for some reason. But I'm so happy that Josine was a bit late too so we could travel together to the venue with her when we arrived in Amsterdam.

Photo by Ladypickering on Instagram

Must say both girls looked amazing! Lise was wearing her gorgeous Grazia JSK from Innocent World with a handmade headpiece and Josine was wearing a stunning hat from Voodoodolly and a ruffle dress from Atelier Pierrot. She makes me want to get into this brand too. That dress was so pretty!

Once we arrived at the venue we found our group still waiting for the food to arrive. Due to some problems in communication at the location there where some troubles. Not massive problems but big enough to cause some stress at the start of the event and a lot of chair switching in the end.
But we had a great high tea non the less, I really loved the teas of the day! Even the black tea one, and I'm not a fan of black tea at all.

Photo's by Livlotte on Instagram

Since we needed to pay an entrance fee to get into the venue which is located inside the museum we could visit the handbag museum at anytime. Though you aren't a lolita if you don't make hundreds of pictures of your friends to get that perfect outfit shot. The room where we had the tea party was stunning and the perfect backdrop of amazing outfit shots. Even though the light wasn't that great for photo's. But because our food had some delay and we wanted to have some good pictures we had only half an hour left for the museum.

To be honest it was long enough for me, the handbags where gorgeous but I only had two favourites in the whole collection. It was a carriage handbag with stunning details even little things like bagage was put on this handbag, and the other one was a chocolate handbag both perfect for a lolita coord or to put on display in your room.

After a couple of hours spending together with my friends and getting to know some of them a bit better it was time to leave the venue. We where able to make a group picture as well thanks to a lovely tourist. Must say it was a bit scary giving a way my camera to a stranger for a photo but this way everyone that was still there was on the picture! And he did a great job too, so I'm happy.

At this point the group split up since some of us wanted to have more pictures since the ones from inside weren't so great to see all the details of the coords. So it was time to say goodbye to most of them, it was great to see everyone again and to admire all the coords of the day. Everyone looked amazing in their favourite coord for this tea party.

Our little group of 7 went to the other side of the river for some more pictures cause the light was a bit better outside. Lots of shadows which is so much better than full sunlight. Some of us wanted to have more photo's so they could pick the best one of the day to post on social media. Sadly I din't have much photo's of myself or one together with some other girls nor my husband this time. Which is very shocking for me! Normally I have some couple/group shots to share but we only made singles this time how weird is that!

But I was able to film some things so I can make a little impression video for my channel. I still need to figure out how I can manage to make photo's and film footage at events so I can make both a blogpost as well as a video cause I love both. Thanks to my dear friend Liv I have some food pictures to share of our high tea. I hope that you like my little report on my day at the OT-Tulips tea party in Amsterdam and hopefully there will be a next edition soon cause it was awesome!!

vrijdag 10 maart 2017

Cosy and Comfy lolita coords

Can lolita be cozy and comfy at the same time? Yes it can!
At least in my world it can completely fit into the lolita world and I'm going to give you some tips and tricks to make your own lolita coord that can be both cosy and comfy. 

For me a comfy coord consist out of breathable fabrics, room to move and most of all flat shoes that don't hurt your feet. I'm on the larger side of the lolita spectrum when it comes to sizing so I specially made this list for what is comfortable for me as a bigger lolita. For reference I'm a size US 10, EU 42 on top and I fit comfortably in most of the dresses with shirring. 

Most brands offer different varieties of cutsew tops. These tops are made of a stretchy cotton t-shirt like fabric and have simple lace details or little bows on the collar or sleeves. Some have short sleeves which are perfect for summer and in winter you have the ones with longer sleeves. I know that the sizing can be quite scary since it goes up to a bust of 88 most of the time so having a larger size can scare you off a bit. But I can proudly say that these cutsew tops are suitable if you are over these measurements. The only thing I would take into consideration is the width of the sleeves, yes they do stretch along with the rest of the shirt but it can look a bit odd if it needs to stretch to it's max to fit. But this is personal preference! 

My other go to blouses are the ones I find in clothing stores like H&M or a Primark, they have a large variety of sizing and cute blouses that go with lolita very well. When shopping in these stores you need to look for cute collars and sleeves cause most blouse will be covered up with a dress anyway. If not you need to look out for a nice overall shape too. Most blouses I find in these stores are the ones with a necktie or blouses with cute lace or embroidery. The plus side of buying a blouse in a normal fashion store is that you can choose the right size for your body type. No worries of buttons that don't close up completely or that they don't really fit as comfortably as they should be. 

Brands like Axes Fame are also amazing when it comes to finding blouses for lolita. A lot of my friends buy blouses from this store. Though a lot of their clothes are in either one size or M size which is to small for me. From time to time they will have some blouses in size L and those fit nicely! At the end of this month (March 2017) they will open their international webshop. So let the shopping begin!

Shirring is the best invention within the lolita world I must say, this way the clothes fit a variety of people and are comfy at the same time. But not every dress with shirring is the same. There is a little catch! When it comes to comfort I prefer with hands down the dresses with full back shirring.  These are my go to dresses for every day wear too. Or even full shirring dresses too. All though these don't look great on most people, but if you dress it up with a nice vest it can be really cute! 
But shirring in dresses gives you room to move and lounge around!

I'm the proud owner of a collection flat shoes that go really well with lolita fashion. When I shop for flat shoes I tend to look out for the right color and model. Mostly I go for typical grandma shoes as my mother calls them. But they go really well with my classic wardrobe as well the lighter colors that I own with some of my lolita pieces as well. Most of my flat shoes I find in regular shoe stores and I want to try out B.A.I.T shoes for a while now. They have a cute line of flat shoes that I like so hopefully I can buy them one day. 

Besides my granny shoes I have a small collection of pastel sneakers in mint, sax and pink for my sweet lolita coords. These shoes are definitely my comfy go to shoes when I want comfort and cuteness at the same time. 

Tea parties are also in my flat shoe family but believe me they are not that comfortable at all unless I put a blister band aid on my heel to prevent for any blisters when walking. That is the only thing I dislike about them, they give me blisters in the first 10 minutes of wearing.
Lately I found out that if I remove the ankle strap that it improves the comfort of my tea parties a lot. No more blisters for me this way, though it takes away the overall sweet look of it too. But if needed I can wear the tea parties this way too without any pain. 

To be honest I tend to wear flat shoes most of the time when wearing lolita and I always bring of flat shoes with me to a meet up for when I'm wearing a small heal (aprox 3-6 cm max) because of some joint issues. I prefer comfort over looks, so having an extra pair of flat shoes to switch is a great solution for me. 

Let's be honest, wigs are hot and you get greasy hair afterwards. In winter it is a nice add to beat the cold but overall you don't want to be sweating all day when you are already going for a comfy and cozy lolita coord. 

I tend to save my wigs for bigger events of special meetings but not for everyday coords or for the days where I want to be comfy. Those days I go for a hairstyle with my natural hair. On my youtube channel I have a couple of hairstyles that I made with my own hair and are suitable for lolita as well. Please go and take a look if you want some inspiration. More hairstyle videos will follow in the future! 

Last but not least I want to talk about the accessories that you use with your lolita coords. You can use as much as you want but for my own preference I tend to go with minimal items. I have some go to items like a brooch and a necklace that goes with the theme of the print or dress. But that is it, no bracelets unless I don't wear a vest and I'm always wearing my wedding ring and our 5year anniversary ring. As well as my ballet shoes necklace. 

For hair accessories I mostly grab a small bow, headbow or flower clip. Nothing special in this part cause the rest of the coord is already minimal and comfy. Sometimes I like to add a nice hat or barrette to my coord to change the look a bit. 

Handbag wise you can use whatever you prefer and what fits your style of the day. Or you can go for a small backpack if you want that can look really cute too! 

Overall you need to see what works for you and within your own style. I tend to go for full back shirring dresses and blouses of off brand stores and flat shoes. But if you fit very comfortably in a beautiful OP and can wear heals 24/7 go for it. I hear that a lot of girls who are a smaller size do like to wear OP dresses a lot because they are so comfy. 

It is all about dressing to your own size and comfort levels. 
Have lots of fun when making your own comfy and cosy coords within this fashion! 

See you next time! 
Poppy xox 

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vrijdag 24 februari 2017

1 main piece and 2 different looks ⎜Coord Challenge

I have had my fair share in coord challenges, they give people the opportunity to think outside of the box. And since I'm in need of some new ideas with my own wardrobe I thought that it would be a cool idea to give this weeks carnival topic a go.

We are challenged to create 2 dramatically different coords with one main piece. And I think I have the perfect dress for this challenge. My partner in crime for this week is a new piece in my wardrobe. I received it in my lucky pack from Innocent World and it is the French Poodle Just Waist JSK in yellow.

The reason I picked this dress is mostly for the yellow color and the little details on the dress. It is fairly simple both in design and print so it would work really well with different items from my wardrobe. Even though I don't have many classic items I wanted to give it a try.

So let's start with the first coord! 

This coord is my Innocent World meets Angelic Pretty coord. I was happily surprised by the fun match of the socks with this dress. It is definitely not your everyday coord that you see with an IW dress but I do like the outcome with this one.  The combination gives me a fresh look on how I can wear this dress in a pastel sweet lolita way without using to much pastels or get an OTT feel.

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Bracelet: Innocent World
Necklace: Innocent World
Brooch: Vanillas Traumfabrik
Flowers + Bow: Clairs / Bijou Brigitte

For my second coord I went with a theme, in case you are bad at guessing it is Circus. The poodles reminded me of little circus dogs which works great with my limited amount of circus themed items that I own. I'm not the biggest fan of the circus but I do like a fun themed coord. And to be honest this dress was screaming for a themed coord within my wardrobe. 

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Innocent World
Necklace: Violet Fane
Brooch: Alice and the Pirates
Flower: H&M

Overall I'm super pleased with my two coords and my love for this dress is growing every time I try to make a coord with it. I can't wait to see what I create next time with this dress! 

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